Granite State Swimming Association (GSSA)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

May 6, 2006

Nashua Country Club


  1. Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by President Jim Rezzardy at 9:00 a.m. following a brief social time.


  1. Attendance: The following teams were represented at the meeting: AST, BAB, BGCN, BLUE, BST, BYST, CCBS, CONY, CTS, EST, GMSC, GCST, HHS, JRS, JVST, LRW, MKS, MST, MTS, MYST, NCC, NSTC, NASY, ORO, PST, PWST, RAYS. SBGC, SSA, WMR, WST.  Proposed clubs represented were MTS, GCST and NCAC. Absent: Clark Memorial and Valley Gators.
  2. Minutes: Moved [WMR], seconded [CTS] to approve the minutes of the 2005 meeting as presented on the web page. [Voted to approve by majority].


  1. Presidents Notes:  President Rezzardy reviewed the several items of concern from last years events:
    1. Host teams for the Championships should provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the entries when received.
    2. Swimmer leaving one team to swim for another must notify the new team of their previous association.  The waiver rule will need to be applied if a swimmer is switching teams.
    3. Meet committees should have one person on deck who can address the membership rules according to the GSSA by-laws.
    4. Last year awards were purchased in excess of immediate need which has depleted the association funds. Accurate inventory and calculation of need will be applied in the future.


  1. Election of Officers:  It was moved [HHS] and seconded [NCC] to approve the following slate of officers for 2006;
    1. President Jim Rezzardy
    2. Vice President Ed McGlauflin
    3. Treasurer Theresa Noel
    4. Secretary Barbara McCahan

[Voted to approve by majority]


  1. Treasures Report: An accounting of all the financial transactions for the year was provided by the Theresa Noel.   The account as of April 6, 2006 has a balance of $346 and GSSA has accounts payable of $1279.  Dues will be necessary this year to cover these costs and expenses for the year. 


  1. Membership Dues:  It was moved [NASY] and seconded [WMR] to require dues of all teams in the league of $100 payable to GSSA on or before July 15, 2006.  Checks should be mailed to:  Theresa Noel, 63 Forest View Dr., Hollis, NH 03049.


  1. New Members:  Three teams applied for membership with sponsors as follows
    1. North Country Aquatics Club (Sponsored by HHS). It was moved [HH], seconded [RAYS] to approve membership.  Discussion ensued. Voted by a majority to approve membership.
    2. Manchester YMCA Keene (Sponsored by CONY).  It was moved [HH] and seconded [RAYS] approve membership.  Following discussion it was voted to approve by a majority.
    3. Golds Gym Salisbury-Methuen (Sponsored by WMR).  It was moved [HH] and seconded [WMR] to approve membership.  Following discussion it was voted to approve unanimously.


  1. Venues for 2007 and 2008: President Rizzardy announced that the venues for the next two years of championships would be Claremont for Divisions 1 & 3, Dover for Divisions 2 & 4.


  1.  League Alignments and considerations:
    1. It was moved, seconded and voted to remove from the table the discussion of divisional alignments and formulations to be used.  President Rizzardy presented and reviewed a charting of teams resulting from re-scoring the meet without divisions.  This chart included individual entries as well.  It was moved [ORO] and seconded [WMR] to apply the following alignment process:  Team representatives at the May meeting will decide which of the available sites is best for their swimmers based on the team philosophy and goals. Teams are committed to the site for 2 years.  Teams at the specified sites will determine which division a team should be placed in based on the seasons numbers and strength.  A team may apply to change divisions within the site the second year if the team composition changes. Lively discussion ensued.  It was moved, seconded and voted to cease discussion.  The motion APPROVED by 19 FOR and 5 AGAINST.
    2. It was moved [AST] and seconded [RAYS] to change the order of events for Champs to have the older swimmers events on Saturday and the younger on Sunday, alternating years.  Discussion ensued.  It was moved, seconded and voted to cease discussion.  The motion was NOT APPROVED.
    3. All coached were instructed by President Rizzardy to provide documentation of current Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification and Lifeguard or Coaches Safety training.  This is necessary for insurance coverage for the Board and League. 
    4. It was moved [RAYS] and seconded [WMR] to establish GSSA Stroke and Turn Officials workshops to provide opportunities for parents and coaches to become officials.  These workshops would be delivered by a New England Swimming facilitator and include apprenticeships in the GSSA leading to GSSA Official status.  The motion was APPROVED by a majority vote.


  1. Proposed By-Law changes: 
    1. It was moved [Salem] and seconded [HH] to change section 2 of the GSSA by-laws regarding membership.  Revision should read All USS swimming technical ruls shall apply unless specifically countered within the GSSA by-laws. This motin was voted to APPROVE.
    2. It was moved [RAYS] and seconded [HH] to change the association by-laws regarding individual swimmers team representation for the purpose of insurance coverage.  Swimmers who are members of a year round USS team must utilize a waiver to allow participation in GSSA meets during the summer when swimming for a different team.   This was voted to APPROVE by a majority.


  1. Sanctioned meets:  
    1. It was moved [WMR] and seconded [Rays] the following as sanctioned meets:

      June 3-4 &17-18, July 13-16 - Seacoast Specialty Age group qualifiers

      Jul7 8 Peterborough Pentathalon

      July 15 Queenie Quimby, Claremont

      July 16 Freestyle Invitational Meet - Walpole

      July 21&22 Milford Rotary Invitational

      June 17 Manchester 50s & 100s

      July 28-30- End of Summer Meet - Gardner

      August 2 50s Meet-Walpole

    1. An amendment to the motion was moved [  ] and seconded [MH] to not include the age-group qualifiers in the list of sanctioned meets. The vote was to NOT APPROVE this motion to amend.
    2. After discussion the original motion (a) was voted to APPROVE.
  1. Division Alignments:


  1. Coaches Meeting for 2007 Scheduled for May 5, 2007 location TBA



  1. Motion to Adjourn was made at 12:20 [WMR] seconded [HH] and voted to APPROVE



Respectfully submitted:


Barbara McCahan




Division Alignments:


Division II


Division IV